How to make low acid coffee?

less acidic coffee

Among many people, white coffer remains a part of daily habit. Though, it comes with a list of drawbacks too. Coffee is not good for your teeth and makes it look stained. Due to the coffee’s high acidic nature, it doesn’t even fit as a good thing for a sensitive stomach. Luckily, one can get rid of the high acidic nature and enjoy drinking coffee freely. If you’re looking for some ways which can help you make low acid coffee, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Select a low-acidic coffee

When you look after the coffee advertisement, you can learn about the acid content in it. Often, solvent or steam processing is done over some coffee beans to minimize the acidic presence from it. Though, you can also find some natural low acidic coffee beans due to the climatic conditions wherein the beans grew. If you’ve acidity issues, then you can look for a low-acidic coffee.

Generally, two marketing terms used to identify the low-acidic coffees, including stomach-friendly or mild coffee. In regions such as India, Brazil, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Sumatra, the coffees are in a low-acidic form naturally.

Dark roasted coffee can be a better option.

In comparison to lightly roasted coffee, dark roasted coffee including French or Italian roast is available in less acidic nature. It is because of roasting results in chemical changes in the coffee. The longer the roasting, the less the acid remains in the coffee. It is a better option to choose the dark roasted coffee, and you can prepare it in any way.

Often, dark roasted coffee results in low acid secretion in the body, so it is a better choice over the lightly roasted cold brew coffee. If you don’t like the taste of dark roast coffee, then you can avoid getting a different taste by adding a small portion of it.

Use eggshells with the coffee grounds

It is also one of the most-proven methods which can reduce the coffee’s acidic nature. If you want to try something new, you can prepare some fresh eggshells. Before brewing your coffee, you can add the eggshells into the coffee grounds. Generally, eggshells are considered to be alkaline which works beneficial to neutralize the acid from the coffee. You can use the filter to avoid any eggshell pieces from the coffee.

Rely on the low acid brewing method

When you indulge in the coffee brewing method, it can be beneficial in minimizing the acidic presence in the coffee if you’re using a filter paper. Many times, people think that reusable filters work well to eliminate the acid from the coffee in the brewing process. But this won’t work with 100% assurance.

Coarsely grounded coffee is less acidic.

When you use the coffee beans which are finely grounded, it extracts the acid from the beans throughout brewing. If you want to minimize the acid from the coffee, it is good to rely upon coarsely grounded coffee. You might be curious to know whether a fine, medium or extra-fine coffee would be good for your stomach or not. You can try the medium grounded coffee to see whether it suits your stomach or not. For the other two options, it is better to avoid it for sensitive stomachs.


The highly acidic coffee turns out to be less in terms of flavor and also links to resulting in acid reflux problems. Some people with sensitive stomach also face acidity issues due to high acidic coffee. Though you can find the right solution to reduce the acidic nature and you need not stop enjoying your coffee.

In the content above, all the mentioned tips and methods can be beneficial when you want to enjoy a less acidic coffee. If one of the methods don’t work well, you can try another. It is best to rely upon different methods to reduce acidic nature since it can help you enjoy coffee without acidity issues.

What are the benefits of cold brew coffee?

cold brew coffee

Among the coffee lovers, cold brew coffee has emerged as a popular drink from the past few years. When you prepare the cold brew coffee, it doesn’t demand using hot water which can reduce the flavor and even minimize the presence of caffeine from it. In the cold brewing, the coffee is kept in the cold water for just a day or two. As a result, coffee drinks become less bitter when you drink. Among some research, it is shown that cold brew coffee results in higher health benefits in comparison to the hot brew coffee. If you want to know all the benefits linked with cold brew coffee, then continue reading the content.

Works as a metabolism booster

In the metabolism process, the body depends upon the food for boosting energy. When your rate of metabolism gets higher, it means that you’ve burnt more calories. Similar to the hot coffee, caffeine is present in the cold brewing coffee too. Caffeine is known to raise the rate of metabolism by about 11%. It is one of the benefits which makes cold brew coffee a better choice.

Suitable for sensitive stomachs

In the hot brew drip, the brew becomes bitter due to the heating process. When preparing a cold brewing coffee, it doesn’t make use of any heat. As a result, there is less acid left in the coffee. Also, it remains flavourful after the brewing process. This is the reason why cold brewing coffee is suitable for people who have sensitive stomachs. Or if anyone faces an acid reflux problem, so it is better to choose cold brew coffee over the hot brew coffee.

Additionally, if you’re making the cold brewing coffee on your own, you can select the right beans as per your taste. So, the resultant coffee remains flavourful and less bitter to drink.

Lowers Type 2 diabetes risk

In the condition of type 2 diabetes, the levels of blood sugar get high. Without the right treatment, it can even impact health and cause acute complications. Cold-brew coffee works as an excellent remedy in lowering the risk of such disease.

Reduces heart disease risk

In general terms, heart disease is linked to several health conditions that impact the health of heart, such as heart stroke, heart attack, and coronary artery disease. Often, heart diseases are highly dangerous for health. So, one can’t take a risk to bear such diseases.

In the cold brew coffee, there is a presence of certain compounds that turn out to be effective for heart diseases. Such compounds include magnesium, lignans, caffeine, trigonelline, and phenolic compounds. With the introduction of such compounds in the body, insulin sensitivity increases. As a result, blood sugar gets stabilized, and it can be beneficial in lowering the high levels of blood pressure.

Improves state of mind

Cold brew coffee is also beneficial in improving your mood and state of mind. In several studies, it is revealed that caffeine results in improving mood. Often, caffeine is considered to be beneficial for the individual facing sleep deprivation. In some research, it is suggested that caffeine is a beneficial supplement for the body to enhance the functioning of brain and mood improvement among adults.


If you don’t want to stop drinking coffee, then you can switch from hot coffee to cold brew coffee to get healthier benefits. Also, one can easily prepare the cold brew coffee at home without any hassle. If you want to enjoy coffee without any stomach problems or acidity, you can try cold brew coffee. You will find that cold coffee is easy to be tolerated by your coffee in comparison to the hot coffee.

Pour-over coffee vs french press

pour over coffee vs french press

After receiving the fresh batch of roasted coffee beans, all you need to do is decide whether you want a pour-over coffee or French press coffee. In both ways, the coffee remains in a distinct texture and flavor. One can’t classify any one of the coffee to be best and another to be average. It is because different people have different tastes and preferences. Similarly, coffee lovers also have a different preference for the coffee taste, texture, and flavor.

When you’re not able to decide your coffee preference, you can find a solution by learning about the merits and demerits related to both pour-over coffee and french press coffee. Both the coffee making options are amazing and result in a distinct coffee texture and flavor. In this content, you’ll get to know about the coffee, which suits your taste and preference.

french press

Merits and Demerits associated with pour-over coffee

In the pour-over coffee method, one of the eye-catching merits is the grit-free coffee drink. If you like to enjoy a smooth cup of coffee, then this is a perfect method for you. It would help make just like a normal drip brewing coffee. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the pour-over coffee method wins over the French pressing method. For cleaning purposes, you don’t need to dismantle all the mechanisms of pour-over coffee when you’re making 1-2 cups of coffee.

With the pour-over coffee method, you won’t be able to enjoy a rich and intense coffee flavor. It is because the pour-over coffee method lacks in terms of immersion. This immersion is suitable for the ones who wish to enjoy a light cup of coffee. On the contrary, strong coffee loves won’t enjoy the taste of a pour-over coffee.

Merits and Demerits associated with French press coffee

If you’re the one who wishes to enjoy a bold cup of coffee with a strong and rich texture, then it is best to choose the French pass tool. In this method of coffee brewing, the oil in the coffee beans is extracted from the deeper grounds that results in the intense coffee flavor. For the customization idea lovers too, it is easy to serve options available.

One common limitation with the French press is the grit presence. Using the filter, it is easy to separate the heavy grounds. Though, some tiny grounds may get into the coffee. As a result, it might flavour your coffee with a gritty taste. With some products, it is advertised that this issue can be solved. Since after the constant use of such filter systems, you are wearing down is a cause which might result in some grits in the coffee.

No doubt, one won’t have to make hard-sweated efforts in using this tool, and it is a hassle-free process. But the cleaning story stands in a different queue. It is required to clean all the parts of the mechanism separately, which might demand much time and effort.


In the end, one can select the preferable coffee depending upon texture or taste. If you’re the one who likes a bolder coffee texture, then you don’t need to conduct much finessing on it. For this purpose, it is suitable to choose the French press tool. Among different models available in the market, some might fully reduce the grits, or some might work partially. This is the main characteristic linked with the French press tool. On the contrary, the coffee lovers who wish to get a thin and smooth texture, it is best to use the pour-over coffee. It is all upon the coffee lover whether he or she wants to have a smooth cup of joy or a light cup of coffee.